Seacret Direct Reviews By A Seacret Agent Gone Rogue

Seacret Direct Reviews By A Seacret Agent Gone Rogue

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WARNING: This review is an extremely candid “diary-like” recant of my experience as a Seacret Agent. I have highlighted this Review on Seacret Direct with major insights that I have learned, that I was taught or that I have found to be helpful along the way.

It is my wish that you have a clear understanding of what Seacret’s product and the company itself  is about after reading about my experiences. If I can help you with any questions whatsoever, I am indeed at your service.

Please help make this review of Seacret a complete source for information, by leaving a comment with suggestions or compliments.

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The link to join can be found throughout this site but if you are not sure if this is for you, I encourage you to educate yourself about the company, the industry and the social and economic scenario we are in today, as this this truly is an excellent network marketing opportunity.

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NOTE: The idea of telling my “story” made it easier for me to write and remember the details of my experience that would help others, however if you want to skip a bunch of the personal details then scroll through and look for the red  print and major headings which sum up the major points. Enjoy!

My Seacret Direct experience began when my sister burst into my room jacked out of her mind as if she had drop kicked rhino. She was SUPER excited. She and her boyfriend had just returned from walking in a fashion show in San Diego and she’s making this proud, triumphant face like she hog-tied some models and brought them back from the show for me. Immediately I ran through the possibilities:

A) Some agency wanted her or her boyfriend to sign
B) Aaron- her boyfriend, might be wearing that cycling uni-tard he seemed a little too fond of, or
C) she bought some flaming little poop-trinket she wanted to show off to me.

For the record, let it be known I am an Internet Marketing Specialist and I am always looking for a good product, idea or wild adventure to get involved in. This, she knew all to well. She began telling me about this company that just started and is expanding rapidly with some great opportunities to make money.

After her jabbering on about this revolutionary product for “wrinkly people” that turns them young, people shedding dead skin off like snakes and futuristic mud masques, I had heard enough. I summed it up quickly in my head “Seacret Agents are meeting in Santa Monica to “un-wrinkle” peoples wrinkles?” That sounded so bizarre I jumped out of my chair.

Let’s go slap some mud on my face, I’m going in.Seacret Review M4

It sounded too good to be true but what the hell, I had been looking for a product to promote online. If this product could get my sister that excited, I could ride the wave of excitement from he masses as the buzz spreads and I’d make a few bucks on the hype alone. Plus…. I had always pretended to be James Bond growing up. Now was my chance at 007 status! I could be Bronzed Bond! I may have to work on the name a bit….

A few days later, I found myself in the convention center on the corner of Olympic and Sawtelle, Santa Monica. I walked into a room full of people listening to a guy giving a presentation. The set up was all too familiar and some mixed emotions started settling in.

Being an opportunist, I have been to dozens of other network marketing opportunities and when they handed me a name tag and a pen-I thought

“Oh, fu@k no.”

I am very image oriented and tend to cross reference things to whatever situation I’m in. Name tags bring out some weird images for me. My mind was seeing flashes of AA meetings, speed dating and just dysfunctional people in general…. As I was running through the list of reasons why I should leave immediately, I was greeted warmly by one of the top earners from Seacret Direct.

No going back now… Better make the most of it.

I pondered the intricacies of writing “Richard Beebig” on my name tag and introducing myself as Dick…. My plan was cut short as we were waved into a row of seats with a couple waving us in. It was this very couple, Patrick and Marketa, that had turned my sister and Aaron to Seacret Agents. The skepticism was peaking and I was making up reasons everyone was a fake. I could hear the inner detective at work “Do you really think his name is Patrick? Patrick’s an Asian dude. Asians aren’t named Patrick. Marketa is Polish and these two are a couple? There is NO way a Polish girl is dating an Asian dude without getting paid. Alright stop. You’re an asshole. But they turned my poor sister into one of them and they’re gonna try to suck out her money. Seacret Agents my ass. Secret Vampires…

I started holding my neck as the images ran rampant in my mind: Flashes of Brahm Stoker’s Dracula, Interview with the Vampire, Blood Suckers, my ex girlfriend…

THEN, I decided to tune in to the speaker and stop being such a Beebig. Dick Beebig. Shaken, not stirred…

Jesse Macpherson was in full speed and was actually very entertaining to listen to. I had missed the details of the Seacret Direct compensation plan but picked up the mini speech with his comparison to other top network marketing companies. He was saying the best MLM’s have achieved success and longevity because they delivered on their promises to their customers as well as their independent sales reps. Top network marketing companies deliver on the value of the product in both quality and price AS WELL AS provide proper compensation for it’s organization which in effect promotes growth and sustainability of the organization.

I witnessed the effectiveness of the Seacret skin care product line as Jesse scrolled through pictures and testimonials. Wowzy. I was intrigued. The presentation of the products ON SCREEN were amazing if they were true. What really struck me to the core that night, was the part of Jesse’s presentation about our current economic conditions and our evolution as a society of extreme networking capabilities.

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Social Media Creates Large Network Marketing Opportunities

Part II and Continuation of Seacret Direct Reviews of A Seacret Agent Gone Rogue

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Valuable pieces of information resonated within me as Jesse continued to successfully connect everything that was he talking about to the company. He began making me shift in my seat with excitement because what he was saying was true about today’s job climate as well as his explanation of the big shift in our social awareness. Facebook, Twiiter, Linkedin and the rest of them had only just begun. We have come a long way in a short time and I had already been studying the effect of social media in the search engines-but network marketing opportunities held a much quicker and powerful ability to produce wealth. Had I been turning a blind eye in ignorance all this time…?

I began an internal review on Seacret Direct when a well known fact was brought to light:

In business, timing is everything.

The Jewel Case: Good Product, Bad Timing

Timing plays a huge roll in determining the success of a product or business. For example, in 1998 my family was heavily invested in the “Jewel Case”. It was a generic CD case, featuring a sturdy swivel arm that was designed to be unbreakable. It was unlike any other CD case and analysts said it would capture a minimum of 5% of the market because of its unique and dependable design. 5% of the CD market at the time was HUGE. I don’t remember the dollar amount that was sold each year, but lets just say it would have been Forrest Gump Money. “We aint gotta worry bout money no more. One less thang, right?”

When Wal-Mart came on board as a client, we invested a shit ton of money because the owner and designer was our family friend. The opportunity was a blessing. We knew what horse was going to win the race! It was a risky, yet privileged investment. We were getting in at ground zero with the potential of living the American dream in outrageous abundance.

To make a long story short, there were complications with the molding and manufacturing. By the time it was ready for production, that little gadget you may remember called the “Ipod” had made its first appearance. Within 2 years, the market for generic CD cases vanished and took $100.000 of our money with it. Had the timing been different and had the Jewel Case been well into production a few years earlier I would know a hell of a lot more rich people than I do now.

Seacret Is Poised For Success: in a climate where the rich get richer, the middle class is vanishing and jobs become scarce, there are no other options that allow the potential for such high earnings at such a low investment-other than quality network marketing companies.

For Seacret Direct to experience incredible success in this industry the timing  could not be better. This is an era of legitimate network marketing opportunities and the industry is expanding every year. The current Network Marketing business model will ensure the existence of what we know as successful MLM’s well into our future. I don’t know who said it, but I can’t get the image that was painted out of my mind:

Make sure your boat is in the water when the tide comes in.

I don’t know about you, but I wanna float on that tide like a fat kid in the Dead Sea. The waters are rising already…

The following is a list of FACTS that urged me to explore work from home opportunities prior to ever looking at Seacret Direct reviews:

  1. 80% of most businesses marketing budgets are now geared towards social media.
  2. The best form of advertisement is word of mouth-especially from a friend or family member(recommend a movie or restaurant)
  3. The evolution of the internet has given us platforms such as Facebook and dozens of others providing a global reach for anyone with a cell phone. RECENT technology has allowed our personal networks to multiply, creating lucrative network marketing opportunities for EVERYONE.
  4. Youtube is an accessible tool to reach huge groups of people creating lucrative, work from home job opportunities for EVERYONE.
  5. Top network marketing companies can provide ANYONE the opportunity to make fortunes by building their business around a product 1) they didn’t invent or 2) didn’t have to manufacture 3) made a SMALL investment to sell it and 4) They even TEACH you  how to sell it with a proven system for success.
  6. Most successful businesses are pyramid schemes in structure because the top executives get wealthy and the employees MAKE them wealthy.
  7. With a weak economy, job security does not exist. Network marketing allows you control over financial freedom and goals.
  8. Today it seems that to build wealth you must be a business owner, investor or have a unique skill that pays big (doctor, lawyer etc)

The setting of today’s economic state was already painted very well in my mind and everything seemed to make perfect sense. I learned from my overly conservative father to never buy or commit to anything if you can get a night to sleep on it (God bless accountants right?). This rule applies DOUBLE when you’re around well-trained sales people!

I was late to my first Seacret meeting, so I hadn’t tried the product yet. I left that meeting excited, with ambitious thoughts…but unsigned.

I made plans to meet “Seacret Agent Patrick” and demo the products at his house.

Seacret Asian Patrick was the “up line” member who turned Aaron, my sisters boyfriend into a Seacret Agent. Alana, my sister, was turned into a Seacret Agent by Aaron. I remember asking each of them to explain the compensation plan a few times since the meeting so I could get a clear idea of how to make extra money and eventually accumulate wealth, of course.

When they attempted to give me an answer, it all ended with them telling me to make sure I ask someone else.

The inability to give me a clear idea of HOW to make extra money turned me off quite a bit.

I assumed the plan consisted of simple math and if the Asian couldn’t explain the company’s plan on how to make extra money then it’s either super complicated or some shady stuff was going on. In my mind, the conspiracy theories flowed effortlessly… maybe EVERY Seacret Agent is getting duped because they’re all too confused to understand exactly how much they’re making. Could this be a company full of lemmings being led off the fiscal cliff? Was Jesse the Seacret Pied Piper, seducing our minds with visions of grandeur? My skepticism was relentless and doubt insisted on playing peek-a- boo with me-but I found what I was looking for.

James Bond music sounded and boom. It was Seacret Asian Patrick to the rescue with a detailed email breaking down the structure of making money with Seacret. A general guide to make it rain on em (by the way, Patrick has helped me enormously throughout this-so don’t think for a moment I’m disrespecting him. I have much to be thankful for when it comes to Seacret Asian Patrick!)

As a result of Jesse being one of the first Seacret Agents to start with Seacret Direct, he created the compensation plan for the company. The approval of the current Seacret Direct Compensation plan is a major testament to the goodwill of the owner Izhak Ben Shabat.

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Seacret Direct Compensation Plan Is A Seacret Agents Wet Dream

Seacret Direct Reviews Part III

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Seacret Direct Reviews Compensation


I mentioned Jesse Macpherson earlier as he was the speaker in my first Seacret meeting. To explain very briefly, he is one of the top earners for Seacret in our little corner of the world. Jesse is a gifted public speaker and has been successfully involved in other network marketing opportunities.

His experience allowed him to identify problems in the way MLM’s issue compensation. Even the top network marketing companies were experiencing flaws in their payout strategy. There have been a few well known payout structures you should know of that we will have to compare later for you to get an idea of why Seacret is one of the most evolved MLM’s and why it’s laughable to Seacret Agents when they hear people suggest that Seacret Direct is a scam.


The Seacret Direct Compensation Plan consists of five major ways to make money.

(I should have studied it a little better…)

1) Product Sales:

Seacret Direct Reviews ProductsWhen I started out with Seacret Direct I thought I had to make up my own prices. I knew the Israeli Ninja’s in the mall (the ones that sold product from the carts) were given a bottom price and a retail price. If they could sell retail-they made more money and they had a bottom price to negotiate in order to make a customer feel like they were getting a great deal.

They were given the same thing every Seacret Agent is given now, which is the retail price and the wholesale price. Obviously It’s up to you how you want to run your business, but I was getting flustered by trying to think of different prices for all of the products people were asking for.

I felt conflicted wanting to give friends discounts but wanting to make money too. So when people asked for pricing I could barely spit it out that “This jar of cream cost $249.” THEN I was supposed offer them a 6 months payment plan to have products delivered once a month?! It sounded terrible to me in my first demo’s! I was a bit uncomfortable at times asking for money-especially with people I knew. Am I THAT guy now? You start with family and friends because they are your “warm market” to get you going. I was NOT liking this aspect of the business.

The solution to my issue with pricing was staring me in the face the whole time. All I had to do was talk to my up-line because I was missing information! They had been helping me the whole time yet I was keeping this “silent judgement” inside of me thinking the product was over priced. I was having trouble overcoming this perception when dealing with potential clients. It was due to my own ignorance that I hadn’t fully understood what the Preferred Customer Program was offering.

I had arranged for an event at The Salon Off Third where I would showcase the Seacret Skin Care Product Line and do demo’s for all the clients. Luckily I had the wherewithal to ask Patricia (Jesse’s wife) for some tips. After listening to her explain her responses to prices and how she runs through her presentations that I began to see the light. She told me to never gave prices between retail and Preferred Customer price points. She also explained Preferred Customers can choose different products each month. I didn’t realize that PC’s got such an amazing opportunity and control over their purchases. I was delighted and excited about the fire that ignited!

Moral of the story is to have an open line of communication with your up-line and ask questions to the point where you feel like a 3yr old who likes the sound of their voice. The smallest details can affect your business. I suppose the REAL moral is to be a good student of what the company is offering by reading EVERYTHING they tell you to read! In this company the up-line LOVES to help. In fact, EVERYONE is really friendly and helpful.

I knew nothing of skin care before Seacret and now my bathroom looks like a drag queens dressing room on a Saturday night in Bankok. I had been awkward with telling people retail values but when considering the effectiveness of the product, retail price for their product IS worth it. In today’s economy people are pinching pennies but the truth is that what we are bringing to the table are game changers for many people. LIFE changers really and we’re literally to their table! Their dining room, kitchen and coffee tables!

After seeing the results that I have had with my clients and a true understanding of the structure of this company the price of these products are now a selling feature.

2) The Preferred Customer Program

Seacret Direct Reviews PC

I lost opportunities to make money by not knowing the PC Program properly. I didn’t know that each month of the program customers can order different products and NOT the same product every month! I had been telling my people that this program didn’t make sense. For example, the Recover Masque is AMAZING. It comes with 8 weekly treatments so according to my misguided math, why would someone order the Recover Masque every month when one box was a 2 month treatment? Silly Seacret Agent. And by the way, nowadays I stick only to retail pricing and PC pricing-which is what you are set up for in the back office of your Seacret Agent website. My headaches were solved!

The “Replenishment’s” are items packaged together for deeper discounts and start around $50. Without 4 or more Preferred Customers, Seacret Agents must remain active by buying at least $50 of product. I know, I know. I groaned too. But don’t worry if you do the right stuff you get 4 pc’s very quickly. You forget you have or WILL have an unbelievable product that everyone wants!

Customers who sign up will select six orders and receive their selections, which are shipped automatically on a monthly basis under NO contract.

This is an excellent marketing tool because everyone wins. Customers pay wholesale prices, which allows them to sample more products for half the price. It’s a solid concept for Seacret Agents because not only are we are paid a commission on packages, we begin to receive a monthly residual income that has more potential for repeat sales since customers are given their own website to manage. They can use their site for changing orders, canceling an order or for…. buying MORE products!

Seacret Direct Reviews Preffered C free

The concept is solid but be ready to accept that some people will cancel right away and some won’t like the idea of even SETTING up an auto payment. Focus on making sure your clients enjoy the experience and you’ve done what you’re responsible for in selling the product and let their decisions be their own. Most times the money aspect will take care of itself with a good presentation although that is NOT to say you shouldn’t be asking closing questions at the end of your demos to ensure more sales! Following up with any requests, offering to help with processing orders and generally just being of service to your clients goes a long way for your business.

3) Team Commission:

A fantastic concept that that eliminates the need for independent distributors to stay independent. What I mean is that you only need to sign up two people so you are constantly helping those under you to make money. Even if you’re a selfish bastard, you HAVE to help those who are new or struggling because you only make money if THEY make money . Many network marketing companies are guilty of giving the industry a bad rep because their plan didn’t include the down line as part of the success strategy Seacret Direct Reviews Pyramid Schemeand instead focused on “signing people up”.

The caring and selfless culture of this company is a major selling feature because it is prevalent from top to bottom, feels genuine and is inviting to be part of not just a company, but a family. Izhak Ben invites everyone to his house on Arizona every Friday for Shabbat Dinner. He calls us his family. I grew up with both parents so I’m not attention starved or feel the need for another father but seriously, Izhak is continually extending him self to make sure we are successful. How many corporate executives do you know that would do that?

A Bitter Sweet Issue: You May Lose Friends To Network Marketing. Here’s why…

A) You’re pumped about your new business, you’re excited, you need support….and you’re friends don’t support you at all. It’s more disappointing than you think. You will see who your real friends are very quickly

B) YOU may begin to change when you attend SU, because you are learning the mindset and skills of a successful entrepreneur. Friends and family will notice, some will like it, some won’t. Your associations are CRUCIAL to establishing a millionaire mind as you are a product of your environment. YOU may not like what you see in your friends anymore. It’s scary, sad and exciting all at the same time. There’s a reason you’re not making what you want now. You won’t be the same person when you ARE making bank. My 2 other means of livelihood excelled when I started attending these meetings. The personal development class gave me chills and left me wanting to do everything that night of the personal development training. You’re life really does get better with Seacret.

Seacret Pyramid scam

4) Leadership Check Match:

This is where things start to get out of control and the snowball effect is taking place. Your making money on product sales, the bonuses are coming in and juicy, you’re getting paid on the team as a whole PLUS we get paid separately on your most successful members who are leaders (bronze and up) I don’t know if this is over the top for any of the best MLM’s but we’ll see after this ridiculously long review is over and I can show you some of the top network marketing companies compensation plan looks like.




5) Performance Bonuses:

To have a monthly check coming in regularly on top of the commissions you’re already making at this point is extravagant. The Monthly Bonusbonuses get very outlandish when you reach those upper levels of the company. When you first start the top levels seem so far away, however Seacret’s top sales person leading the way will do it in 2013. If you want to check him out and see if he’s done it, his name is John Mallot. He has one of the most fascinating stories of rags to riches and is an extremely inspiring individual. He will get a million dollar bonus this year.

There’s no doubt that the Seacret Direct compensation plan is effective at all levels and provides one of the best network marketing opportunities for today’s current trends. The payment plan is not only conducive to providing value to new Seacret Agents who can make money in their first month as independent distributors, but it allows for a culture of abundance which filters through to everyone who buys the product as well.

Going back to when I was becoming a Seacret Agent, I came to the second meeting knowing I wanted to give Seacret a shot but was feeling unsure because I still hadn’t tried the product yet. Part of me was torn between hoping the product was a home run and would shock the world when people saw it, yet for some reason the other half of me was hoping that I wouldn’t be impressed because it meant a third job for me. I was already bogged down with intense efforts to grow my online empire as an internet marketing specialist.

At the second meeting in the convention center in Santa Monica, I was shown four products: Salt and Oil Scrub; Seacret Nail Buffer; Peeling Gel; M4 Magnetic Mud Mask.

Helloooo World!

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Seacret Product Reviews

Seacret Product Reviews

Seacret salt and oil scrub review

Seacret Direct Review On Products: Part V

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Salt and Oil Scrub

The salt and oil scrub took my Seacret Virginity, yet not my heart.

I have played tennis all my life and I could appreciate the feeling of soft hands, but it was not something I really thought warranted starting a business.

My hands did feel pretty amazing though. The scent of milk and honey was music to my nostrils, however I couldn’t split my work hours in three for a scrub. Nice, but not a deal closer.

Seacret Nail Buffer

nail bufferThe nail buffer was cool. I had never really had the urge to smooth out the ridges of my finger nails and then buff them into a squeaky shine, but I liked the “wow” affect.

As for basing a business on this product… I wasn’t sold. I was getting nervous that this prize pony promised nothing but pipe dreams.

Then the peeling gel enters the scene with a calm and tranquil demeanor that screamed transparency- yet in a subtle tiger cub voice. I replied and beckoned it closer. peeling gel

“Hellllloooo.” After a few seconds of rubbing, I began the journey to a deeper understanding of the wonderment that the Dead Sea was providing from a jar in the second floor hall of the convention center in Santa Monica. I was amazed at what nasty secrets Seacret was getting my skin to reveal! Dead skin bunching up and being extracted in an effort to provide deeper cleansing and purification for what was apparently was the source culprit that causes signs of age, including unwanted lines and wrinkles.

Amazingly breath taking. This gentle exfoliate was non abrasive and…. Was it really taking my dead skin OFF??? Thoughts of youtube videos ran through my head and although I did not question it at the time-it has come up in a few demos as to whether the bunched up bundles of skin were really was dead skin coming off? Was it just product bunching up and pretending to be skin?             Mineral Rich Peeling Gel

Wouldn’t be the first time a product was putting on the old song and dance routine to make its master a few bucks before anyone was the wiser.

The answer is yes you wrinkle producing, sack of flesh, that is YOUR skin! If you re-apply the product to the same area-nothing comes off your skin. Try rubbing it on a piece of glass or treated wood-nothing bunches. The effects are real my ever-aging friends and the results are spectacular. When combined with other products in the Seacret product line-ESPECIALLY the flagship product of the company, the age defying, timeless product… The RECOVER masque. I had yet to see this product in action before I joined, other than what they showed me on the screen. Can’t wait till YOU see it!

M4: Magnetic Mud Masque

M4 magnetic mud masqueWhen they showed me the the M4 Magnetic Mud Masque, it was really just icing on the cake. It left my skin feeling soft and smooth after being on there for only a minute but the real wow-factor was removing it with a magnet and seeing it come off so evenly and effortless.

My thoughts: “My mother would LOVE this stuff, my girlfriend will be so excited to try it. All women have to want to at least try it to see what it’s about…”

You do realize I am a straight male (as in hetero sexual) who has been frazzled and dazzled by what essentially is an exfoliate and facial mud? Little did I know then that the flames had only just begun to burn…! These days I have to check myself when talking about lotions and face masques in public places. Not that I’m worried people will think I’m gay- but because I get so damn excited I start talking real loud! I think people get frightened.

This company has so something special, unique and exciting that to me, I could show people what it does without trying to put on a show. I genuinely wanted to tell people about my Seacret experience! The feeling of getting behind the product came so easily to me and in my mind I saw the last arrow align, like a missing puzzle piece, showing me the direction I was taking with this network marketing opportunity.

The fact became overwhelmingly positive because clearly this was a low risk and high reward investment that in the WORST case scenario left me at a loss for some personal time invested and small amount of money spent-BUT I get left with FANTASTIC skin and would have explored the chance to retire my father by creating wealth for myself and those around me. There were so many questions yet not much left to think about. I wondered if I was missing something because it felt like a no brainer. The image of me standing on the edge of the cliff overlooking the lake my family would visit in past summers flashed in my mind. I may have closed my eyes in that moment. I’m fearless, courageous, and I want the most life has to offer. That’s why I jumped then. That’s why I jump now.

Where do I sign?

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Become A Distributor for Seacret Direct

Seacret Agent Ca-ray-ray

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The process to become a distributor for Seacret direct is very quick and will take less than 5 minutes. It is important, however, to understand that you are being called for duty to act as a Seacret agent and combat age, wrinkles and skin disorders. This is a tall order if you are not prepared for what is to come.

Step One: Choose your level of participation. In order to be able to demo product you must have some first! There are Seacret Agent kits available at the largest price discounts to get you armed with the products necessary to turn heads and make an impact.

You can decide NOT to get a Seacret Agent kit for whatever reasons but it is highly recommended to get the special agent set as it has all of the best products from the anti-aging line such as the Timeless Recover masque. You will get two of many products to ensure you don’t run out ammo.

Step Two: Sign up for Seacret Direct providing a credit card and tax info so you can pay for your monthly replenishment and get paid from the company.

Step Three: Do the Blueprint IMMEDIATELY when you get your Seacret Agent kit. You will be surprised at how much of what they say comes true.

Step Four: Go to the weekly Seacret University

Step Five: Go to the Regional Events

Step Six: Listen in on the weekly conference call

Step 7: Enjoy!

This job is so much fun. Don’t stress out if you’re not selling. Stress out if you’re not following the blueprint because THAT’S WHY YOU’RE NOT SELLING!! When Seacret Agents do what they’re supposed to do, we sell. When we don’t-we still sell! Everyone loves the product so keep talking about it. It piques interest and is a welcome addition in people lives.

Believe it because it’s the truth and knowing this as a fact to YOUR understanding, will inspire you further.

 Become A Seacret Agent Today

Scandal! Rogue Seacret Agent Gives Nerium Reviews?

Scandal! Rogue Seacret Agent Gives Nerium Reviews?

It is December 1, 2013, and it is only now I realize that I have un-officially taken a leave of absence from Seacret. I had gone rogue trying to do things differently and had stopped going to the weekly meeting to show everyone how many people I could get online without the spa parties. I have been on a roll but I was losing touch with Seacret since I stopped doing the parties and by missing meetings I also missed Seacret events and pretty soon, I was on my own.

I now stand before you as a lone Seacret Agent gone rogue. Now the game has changed quite a bit since earlier this year and I am probably more of a rogue agent than ever before. Technically, I am now a Double Agent. Am I betraying the very company I have grown to love?

You see I have not been completely idle in the network marketing industry. The business model of direct sales is something I truly believe is inevitable for all businesses-so I’m in this industry for good.

However, it was a series of events that led me to discover a new product that was changing people’s lives. This product is exploding across the US and the before and after shots are staggering to see by most who use it. It works fast and it came from a reputable cancer research company that accidently discovered this skincare product.

Nerium AD.

It was chance and mere fate that brought me to this entity they called Nerium International. While I was giving a tennis lesson to a real estate lawyer she was inquiring how business was going as we were in between drills and picking up tennis balls. I naturally told her about Seacret and she almost burst at the seam with excitement.

“If you are already doing Seacret, you are going to LOVE Nerium! Check out the Nerium Reviews. You have to switch.”

“Oh boy… “ I thought. “Lady, there is no way in hell I am getting involved in ANOTHER direct sales company!”

As if I would go through the same training, the same build up in knowledge and product awareness and the same period of negative investment all the while wondering if it will pay off. Ptooey! I already found my golden goose! So talk all you want crazy lady-because I’m happy.

But my god she was relentless.

The “Nerium International talks” ensued. These initial Nerium reviews spewing from my student were energized and went on for good lengths.

I would secretly say in my mind: “I am an immovable rock. I am an impenetrable fortress. I am a nun mingling in a crowd of Dirk Digglers and I am having none of it! NO means no today!”

I listened though, always mildly entertained at her enthusiasm and thinking “Ha, ha haaa. She is so enthusiastic about this Nerium AD! I used to be like that about Seacret. I wonder how long she will stay like this…?”

I suppose there were a minimum of four or five tennis lessons where I was subjected to dozens of Nerium reviews about how Nerium AD is the “miracle cure. “

“It is modern day Jesus in a bottle. That’s why it says AD.”

“It will solve world hunger and create world peace. They used it to find Bin Ladin you know”

“It will reduce the deficit and boost your credit score. “

“Did you know Nerium International has influenced Republicans and Democrats procreate with each other… “

Ok fine. I made all of those statements up but it might have well been because I had already made my mind up about becoming a part of this Nerium International revolution.

She insisted I read Nerium reviews and so I promised to do some research but ONLY to see whether it was worth pursuing as an online venture.

Well it turned out Nerium was a big nothing online. It was an Internet marketing DUD. No searches, no websites with Nerium reviews BUT there were some Youtube testimonials that I watched of course.

I reported my findings and mentioned that there was room for websites on Nerium reviews since no one had em up (at the time) I told her I was interested but couldn’t commit because I had too much going on. And although I was telling the truth because I had Seacret, I make websites, I was coaching tennis AND launching a new vodka company, she continued to pepper me with info and wanted me to try the product and come to a meeting. She said she would buy a boatload of Seacret stuff if I came.


The meeting took place at her house and I wowed Ms Never-gives-up with my Seacret skincare regimen.

She was in love with the eye cream immediately. She was amazed at the peeling gel and she actually wanted to buy everything as promised. I was stoked at the fact I was going to be selling a bunch of Secret product and was proudly beaming at her newfound love for Seacret’s phenomenal product line. I showed her. Ha!

Then she was turned to me and said, “Ok now my turn”

She gave me a bottle of Nerium AD, told me to use it for two weeks. “All you need is 4-5 pumps of the stuff and spread it around your face”

That was her big demo. Miming the area around her face with her hand.

Tough demo, I thought. She probably practiced for the last three weeks, every night.

My skin care regimen took at least 35 minutes yet she hands me a single bottle of Nerium AD and says “Wet your face, use 4-5 squirts and rub everything over your face. Wash it off when you wake up”

“That’s it?” I asked.


“Well I’m impressed. It took you all of one minute to present your precious Nerium AD. Is that the in the Nerium International Blueprint?”

“Well… there’s more. I want pictures.”

I started to feel weird. Her husband was downstairs and I thought “Was she eying me like a happy meal when she said that? That would mean… “

That was quickly put to rest as she lined me up in the hall all business like, or bathroom or whatever that place was in her giant house and sticks an ipad inches from my face.

She took nine pictures of my face. There’s a close up of my face, then the bottom half and top half. Then the profile, bottom and top halves. These were my legendary “before” shots. In two weeks I was to come back to the very same spot in order to see what the product had done for me. And then, that was it.

I left that night, blessed with a bottle of Nerium AD for myself and two other bottles to give to whom I thought might be interested-name, number, email address and website stuck on the boxes for reorder info from my already wealthy tennis student. Nice touch.

And so began my journey into Nerium International whose only product will most likely become iconic and a house hold item….

Nerium AD.

Up Next: Nerium Reviews Gone Wild

Try Nerium AD Money Back Guarantee!

What To Expect As A Seacret Agent

What To Expect As A Seacret Agent

I can tell you with 100% confidence that there WILL be at least ONE close friend or family member that doubts you, and trashes this business calling it a “pyramid scheme” or a scam. Considering the history of many “top” network marketing companies it isn’t a surprise that people are scared. People will always be scared-especially of things they don’t know or understand. Here is my advice if you have become a distributor or are still considering it:

Do NOT defend Seacret. Let them just say what they want and do not engage. They will run out of steam fast and it will be over. Always let the haters win the argument. ~A Tim Herr “How to win an argument EVERY single time”

Look for PROOF in what the haters are saying.

Question this business till you know it inside out.

Do your research until you are the authority in this industry.

Have you asked THE most important question of all? No one has this answer but you…

People have and will determine the validity of Seacret Direct as a business, and when you do, I PROMISE YOU that you are not done deciding if it is right for you. There is one question in which the answer is more powerful than any other fact you may dig up. It is THE most important question because it has the power to determine your fate in the business and has meant the difference between success and failure in many peoples live. The question you must ask and have a legitimate answer to is the question:Why?”

WHY are you reading this page right now?

WHY are you motivated to become your own boss?

What will continue to motivate you if you don’t make the money you thought you would make in a month? In 6 months? A year into this business? You Need To Know. Or you will fail.

You need to have the will to overcome any obstacle, a desire so strong you will move mountains because this is NOT just a business-it’s your life.

This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. If that were the case, I’d be at home with my dad right now. That’s MY why. That envelope is my vision. I hold the thoughts of what is written in that envelope as often as I can. (Ha! The Secret with Seacret!) Everyday whether it’s an inch or a stride-I’m moving forward and I get closer.

If you don’t have a why -don’t sign up. You need to understand why you would be willing to make changes in your life no matter what. Change is hard-you need a very good WHY.

I don’t mind people reading mine but understand, as sappy as it is, I can’t think of anything more important. Your why should be bigger than yourself. And definitely bigger than 22 inch rims….

Skip over the envelope and onto the details of becoming a distributor for this company or click here to join forces with me.

 Seacret Direct Review of my Why

I’ve gotten pretty personal already but right now it’s about you. I needed to tell you this because if you join today, we become partners. I have a vested interest in everyone that I sign up and in order for ME to make my goals a reality-YOU have to achieve the levels of success you want too. I can’t think of a better arrangement.

I’m hoping your getting this far because if so, we have shared something. There are a bunch of articles that will provide insight to this industry and the company. In two weeks, you will see a whole lot more of me explaining the current market and how Seacret lines up. I would rather you be involved. I’m doing it up the way I’ve been trained to promote businesses for the last 2 years. I’ve told the people close to me and now I’m telling you. Jump all the way in, or walk away, but you’re wasting time if you stay on the fence.

In two weeks you will see why I am not taking no for an answer. I’m issuing an all out effort to find the people who want to join the team that will stop at nothing until they see their goals accomplished.

Talk to me.

You should have a very good idea of what you are getting into if you’ve read what’s here on this site and seen some video of “wow” parties. I would sum it up like this: You are getting into a potential gold mine BUT before you do that, you MAY have to get into yourself.

  • You will find out how disciplined you are or how lazy you are.
  • You will find out how easily distracted you are.
  • You will find out how much you are influenced by other people in your circles.
  • You will find out who your REAL friends are (Didn’t want to scare you with that…but with the whole “truth” thing means I have to warn you that to succeed in this business you must associate with like minded people. Some friends won’t be there for you and you may lose a friend along this process.
  • You will find out what it takes to earn 10k a month and what it will take to earn your own personal goal.
  • YOU WILL BECOME A BETTER PERSON and you’re life will flourish in other aspects with the fundamentals this company teaches. I am still blown away today at how much of the theme in this organization revolves around “serving others” and creating VALUE for the people around you. No BS.

There are mountains of proof that network marketing is becoming the prevalent business model and is growing every year. Seacret Direct is definitely not for everyone, but this is a legit network marketing opportunity that delivers on it’s promise in every way. Products, Compensation and Support. If you join Seacret and you don’t make money then I think you’re either a big dumb Gorilla or you didn’t follow the BLUEPRINT!

Please take your time with your decision to become a distributor. Make sure you feel good about your decision-whichever way you go with it. It is obviously my hope that I get leads for my own business, however, there is also satisfaction in being able to create a reliable source of information online that can answer questions truthfully and add value to your life-even if that means I’ve made it clear you don’t want any part of this.

When you become a distributor for Seacret Direct you inherit the duty to combat dry skin, oily skin, skin disorders and engage in age-defying treatments. The impact you have on someones skin could change their life forever. The culture you become submersed in, includes being around and learning from some of the greatest MLM leaders today as well those who are up and coming. You learn a LOT about multiple aspects of business and personal development.

You ARE about to change your life if you decide to enter this industry with what could be one of the top network marketing companies in the near future. (Seacret Direct is not there yet but if you look at the charts they are 8th fastest growing company at a rate of 15% from last year).  If you steady the course and follow the blueprint, success is inevitable.

The following are links to guide you and provide you with the right information to make your decision. Good Luck!

1) A Global Stage For Network Marketing
2) Living The Dream: The Seacret Direct Compensation Plan
3) Seacret Product Reviews
4) Seacret Agent Enrollment

Why Seacret Direct

My life has changed dramatically in the last 4 months and I can honestly attribute much of the change to Seacret-but I had to get involved. I had to follow The Blueprint and I had to be absorbed with it. I haven’t reached the goals I set, but I can see it within reach now.

I am preparing an all out assault on the issues that torment skin in an effort that will come to a head in the next 2 weeks. You’re invited to join for the ride. I have a fantastic strategy that goes beyond you typical “warm” market.

There’s a lot you won’t see coming because it’s a REAL business. It’s not a stock that you ride, it’s a business you own and with it come unforeseen events both good and bad. Regardless of the unforeseen, understand that if you put the pieces together, this is an excellent business opportunity as it stand now. The date of this post

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what I think or tell you-it will be YOU who has to believe in this opportunity. If you do your research on

  • Current economic conditions: What is working and what is not for people who own businesses, work for employers or are investors?
  • Current shift in social media and how the social network has afforded thousands of people a lucrative business.
  • The target demographic which accounts for 2/3 of the money in the US: The baby boomers. They are all hitting a point where they are interested in preserving their youth and maintaining good skin!
  • Seacrets product line and the ability to not only improve skin quality but REVERSE the effects of aging
  • The Seacret Direct compensation plan: It allows the accumulation of wealth when following the blueprint of the business.
  • Proven systems: a blueprint that is simple enough and available to everyone to follow so that staying on track is up to the individual
  • Support systems: They aid EVERY member of the company so that NO ONE feels alone or helpless.

If you can look at the facts and see yourself able to try this opportunity out for at LEAST 6 months, the YOU are who I’m looking for. I was worried at one point about making public videos and of what people might think of me promoting this opportunity, but after being involved and seeing the people I have helped-I have never been more proud. This product is phenomenal and is changing peoples lives. If you want to be a part of a company that has the ability to change lives YOU are the one I am looking for.

Making money as side income on top of your job is easy. Building wealth in this business becomes a numbers game, or just simple math. You need a team. I have started my team already and I want to expand dramatically. I see how much there is to be made and by watching other Seacret Agents who are continually breaking records has motivated me to go all out. Why not? John Mallot is getting a million dollar BONUS this year. What?! His team is pretty damn big, but he’s doing it. It’s possible. I had to go through a ton of clams to find the pearls who now make up my team. It’s time to explode into the six figure mark by broadening the search for quality members.

I am announcing that the ship is about to sail in two weeks. YOU will always be welcome aboard-but you will not see the same type of money the longer you wait. And when people see what I’m doing to build my team-more will follow and the opportunity slowly fades from golden.

Get on board.

Now Is The Time.

 What To Expect As A Seacret Agent

How To Become An Independent Disributor in Five Steps

How To Become An Independent Disributor in Five Steps

How to Become an Independent Distributor In Any Industry

Becoming an independent distributor in a network marketing business can be rewarding of not. Many companies are in search of independent representatives to promote and sell their products. If you are interested in knowing how to become a distributor, here are the steps to follow.

Select Industry To Work In

Network marketing companies are found in virtually every industry. With such diversity, it can be overwhelming trying to find the industry to work in. an easy way to find the perfect industry is considering things you are passionate about. For example, if you are passionate about health, distributing products in this industry can be easy for you since you already have relevant information and the drive to connect with other people looking for health products.

Select A Product To Promote

Once you are set on the industry, the next step on how to become a distributor is selecting a specific product to distribute. For example, the health industry if full of many different products serving different purposes. If weight loss using organic products is your thing, then you have found the perfect health product to distribute.

Establish An Independent Distributor Business

Your own Start Up:The third step to take on how to become a distributor is establishing an independent distributor business. As with any other form of legal business setup, you need licensing as well as meet the necessary legal requirements. Contact the relevant authorities for licensing. In addition to this, get premises for your business. This will enable you easily handle distribution of the products to your clients.

Joining An Existing Company: Find an agent or rep that will sponsor you in their down line. Quick search on line should cover that one. Just type in one  of the following: “Sell X” in Google (X being the company or product). Or keywords like “Sales Rep For X”, “X Sales Rep”, “X Agent”, “make money with X”. If nothing comes up-not even Youtube Videos-find another company unless it literally began less than a year in business. You still may wanna wait and see if it’s worth being associated.

Research and Find The Company To Work With

Your next step involves finding a company selling the products you wish to distribute. It’s worth noting that not all companies need independent distributors. You will therefore have to research through a list of prospective companies before selecting the one to work with. Some of the things to look at when selecting the company to work with include type of products sold, compensation plans, company policy regarding sales and marketing, resources provided if any and, success of the product.

Approach the company

The next step on how to become a distributor involves approaching the company you intend to distribute products for. This can be as easy as sending an email or visiting the company’s offices. You will be required to provide proof of your business’ legality. In some cases the company might also need proof that you have a brick and motor premises where operations such as shipping will take place.

When you approach a company, ensure to learn as much as you can about it. Ask questions regarding the company’s policies and terms of the contract. Learning as much as you can about a company will help you decide whether they are worth working with or not. It’s better to decide to opt out early on than realize that the independent distributor business isn’t working out months after you enter into a contract.

Keep Track Of Industry Developments

The final step on how to become a distributor involves keeping track of what’s going on in the industry. As an independent distributor, you aren’t the company’s employee. As such, you might not get information regarding the business in a timely manner. Getting a contact within the company is a great way to keep track of industry developments without having to spend much money.

The Best And Worst Of Being An Independent Distributor

The Best And Worst Of Being An Independent Distributor

Running a business has its challenges. Like with any business, being an independent distributor has its highs and lows. As an independent representative for a network marketing company, you will have to find a means of meeting predetermined sales targets and drawing a commission from these. Every distributor will agree that this business isn’t a bed of roses as some network marketing companies claim. Although there are great moments, most of which involve earning tons of money, there are also worse moments which might result in loss of income or worse still losing your investment. Here are some of the best and worst moments of being an independent distributor.

~The Best~

You Get To Be Your Own Boss

As an independent representative, you aren’t a salaried employee of the company you are representing. What this means is that you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck all the time. You get to be your own boss and decide which direction you want your business headed. You will however have to do most of the work that involves generating new leads and converting them.

An Active Downline Is Not Just “Income”-It’s RESIDUAL INCOME!

One of the key roles of an independent distributor is building a downline. By carefully selecting the people or businesses to include in your downline you increase chances that your network marketing business will succeed. Many people consider warm leads as perfect candidates for their downline. However, to get the best results, it’s more reasonable to find people with a proven track record of making the sale. As a distributor, you will earn commissions not only from the sales you directly make but also from sales made by your downline.

Unlimited Income Potential

Although not everyone who ventures into network marketing becomes a millionaire, there are many millionaires who’ve achieved their wealth as independent distributors. Companies involved in network marketing want their products sold. The more products your network sells, the more income you can get! A lot of hard work and the right resources to ensure that your downline performs are the key ingredients to building wealth.

~The Worst~

Selecting The Wrong Company, Product Or Pyramid Scheme

As an independent representative, success is largely determined by the type of company and products you choose to sell. Due to the popularity and numerous misconceptions surrounding network marketing, there are many companies coming up promising overnight wealth under the guise of network marketing. Many people end up joining these companies only to find that they have actually joined a pyramid scheme! As an independent distributor, it’s essential that you take company and product selection seriously. It’s best to steer clear of companies promising commissions generated from just recruiting new distributors.

Becoming Inactive

Although some network marketing companies claim that all you need to do is recruit new distributors to see your money grow, the contrary is true for legitimate companies. Inactivity means that you aren’t interested in distributing the company’s product. In most cases, an inactive independent representative is deleted from the company’s list. The downline is then awarded to another high level distributor. In most cases this is the sponsor of the inactive independent distributor.

Building An Inactive Downline

Majority of new network marketers hold the belief that their warm market forms the best group for their downline. Most of these find that although their warm market might be easily swayed to join the downline, most don’t make a sale. An inactive downline simply means that you won’t be making sales and eventually fail to meet you monthly sales targets. The best way to approach your recruiting process is to find individuals and businesses that show a passion for the products or services you are promoting. This way, you are assured that your downline will remain active even if you aren’t making sales yourself!

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