Seacret Direct Reviews By A Seacret Agent Gone Rogue

Seacret Direct Reviews By A Seacret Agent Gone Rogue

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WARNING: This review is an extremely candid “diary-like” recant of my experience as a Seacret Agent. I have highlighted this Review on Seacret Direct with major insights that I have learned, that I was taught or that I have found to be helpful along the way.

It is my wish that you have a clear understanding of what Seacret’s product and the company itself  is about after reading about my experiences. If I can help you with any questions whatsoever, I am indeed at your service.

Please help make this review of Seacret a complete source for information, by leaving a comment with suggestions or compliments.

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NOTE: The idea of telling my “story” made it easier for me to write and remember the details of my experience that would help others, however if you want to skip a bunch of the personal details then scroll through and look for the red  print and major headings which sum up the major points. Enjoy!

My Seacret Direct experience began when my sister burst into my room jacked out of her mind as if she had drop kicked rhino. She was SUPER excited. She and her boyfriend had just returned from walking in a fashion show in San Diego and she’s making this proud, triumphant face like she hog-tied some models and brought them back from the show for me. Immediately I ran through the possibilities:

A) Some agency wanted her or her boyfriend to sign
B) Aaron- her boyfriend, might be wearing that cycling uni-tard he seemed a little too fond of, or
C) she bought some flaming little poop-trinket she wanted to show off to me.

For the record, let it be known I am an Internet Marketing Specialist and I am always looking for a good product, idea or wild adventure to get involved in. This, she knew all to well. She began telling me about this company that just started and is expanding rapidly with some great opportunities to make money.

After her jabbering on about this revolutionary product for “wrinkly people” that turns them young, people shedding dead skin off like snakes and futuristic mud masques, I had heard enough. I summed it up quickly in my head “Seacret Agents are meeting in Santa Monica to “un-wrinkle” peoples wrinkles?” That sounded so bizarre I jumped out of my chair.

Let’s go slap some mud on my face, I’m going in.Seacret Review M4

It sounded too good to be true but what the hell, I had been looking for a product to promote online. If this product could get my sister that excited, I could ride the wave of excitement from he masses as the buzz spreads and I’d make a few bucks on the hype alone. Plus…. I had always pretended to be James Bond growing up. Now was my chance at 007 status! I could be Bronzed Bond! I may have to work on the name a bit….

A few days later, I found myself in the convention center on the corner of Olympic and Sawtelle, Santa Monica. I walked into a room full of people listening to a guy giving a presentation. The set up was all too familiar and some mixed emotions started settling in.

Being an opportunist, I have been to dozens of other network marketing opportunities and when they handed me a name tag and a pen-I thought

“Oh, fu@k no.”

I am very image oriented and tend to cross reference things to whatever situation I’m in. Name tags bring out some weird images for me. My mind was seeing flashes of AA meetings, speed dating and just dysfunctional people in general…. As I was running through the list of reasons why I should leave immediately, I was greeted warmly by one of the top earners from Seacret Direct.

No going back now… Better make the most of it.

I pondered the intricacies of writing “Richard Beebig” on my name tag and introducing myself as Dick…. My plan was cut short as we were waved into a row of seats with a couple waving us in. It was this very couple, Patrick and Marketa, that had turned my sister and Aaron to Seacret Agents. The skepticism was peaking and I was making up reasons everyone was a fake. I could hear the inner detective at work “Do you really think his name is Patrick? Patrick’s an Asian dude. Asians aren’t named Patrick. Marketa is Polish and these two are a couple? There is NO way a Polish girl is dating an Asian dude without getting paid. Alright stop. You’re an asshole. But they turned my poor sister into one of them and they’re gonna try to suck out her money. Seacret Agents my ass. Secret Vampires…

I started holding my neck as the images ran rampant in my mind: Flashes of Brahm Stoker’s Dracula, Interview with the Vampire, Blood Suckers, my ex girlfriend…

THEN, I decided to tune in to the speaker and stop being such a Beebig. Dick Beebig. Shaken, not stirred…

Jesse Macpherson was in full speed and was actually very entertaining to listen to. I had missed the details of the Seacret Direct compensation plan but picked up the mini speech with his comparison to other top network marketing companies. He was saying the best MLM’s have achieved success and longevity because they delivered on their promises to their customers as well as their independent sales reps. Top network marketing companies deliver on the value of the product in both quality and price AS WELL AS provide proper compensation for it’s organization which in effect promotes growth and sustainability of the organization.

I witnessed the effectiveness of the Seacret skin care product line as Jesse scrolled through pictures and testimonials. Wowzy. I was intrigued. The presentation of the products ON SCREEN were amazing if they were true. What really struck me to the core that night, was the part of Jesse’s presentation about our current economic conditions and our evolution as a society of extreme networking capabilities.

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    What’s happening, tidy web page you possess in here.

  3. Editha Myers says:

    Deceiving ads….returned my order and took over a month to get my refund…..don’t recommend !!!

    • ccare723 says:

      New company, growing fast they probably do it at the end of every month because of their accounting software. We did that too in my old compnay… You got your money back though so I guess you didn’t really lose anything. In return you gained insight and experience with a great product-for FREE. Congratualtions!

  4. I was forced into buying this> This gentlemen literally grabbed me and pulled me aside and put it in the bag and rang up sale> Bastards very rude and disrepectful

  5. very disappointing feel deceived the promised training? never happened!!!! i did get some help graciously given from a sponsor two steps (as far as i know) above me who was/is in a another city about 6 hours away and was not later, due to time and distance constraints obviously, able to do a presentation for me to sit in on and observe, and of course, this person was not able to follow up on abv referenced presentation with them (singular) as an assistant to lend a hand if and when needed, and me as presenter just very disappointing i could go on and on with criticism at this point my original enthusiasm is considerably weaker what a waste of over one thousand dollars

    • ccare723 says:

      Thank you for your comment. I’m posting every REAL comment and now because of you, I will make it a point this week to check on my people in both legs. My leg people need love. Sometimes it goes that way where the person you got in or got you in doesn’t help out the way you thought. There are so many people that will though. Like ME! What do you need? I’m gonna be posting some videos for demos and regimens shortly. But if you have any questions or requests I would be gkad to help as best I can.

  6. I would have been more impressed had you left out the filthy language.

    • Sorry! Bad habit-especially when my writing is how I speak… If we meet in person I promise I won’t be filthy.

  7. World Financial Group. Google it. Same exact thing! SCAM. RIP-OFFS. Kiosks are still in San Diego. Recruiter Agents will tell you that this is all going on with Amazon, that’s not true. People are relating them to Kiosks in San Diego. They will tell you that there are no more Kiosks but there are still some left and people are being ripped-off.

    Recruiters will tell you that they might still have some kiosks left but they know for the most part that they have left the kiosks and that they know other recent complains on there are mostly the agent’s fault and that most of them are people overpaying for products when they were still in kiosks that started in May 2011. But there is one in San Diego and a possibility of one being in Canada. The ones in kiosk is called Seacret Spa.

    They’ll tell you that these complaints state that the people are overpaying for products when they are still in kiosks and that Seacret Agents of today came from Kiosks came from Seacret Driect which is the company that does direct sales now. But entirely, this is the same company. One is kiosks, the other is direct sales.

    I know darn well that I bombed my interview with Julian Doan. But to tell me that one is kiosks and the other is kiosks and the other is sales after convincing me that kiosks is done but still out there, YEAH RIGHT.

    • I wouldn’t compare Seacret to World Financial-two completely different animals. Seacret has great products and what you pay is due to your own diligence. There are still people buying things over the market value in all industries.

      The Kiosks live on! Many of them were highly successful and continue to be. The difference is that Isaac Ben Shabot (owner) has given the kiosks to the people. I could open one too now if I wanted but I prefer not to chase women around in a mall all day…… Wait. That sounds like a fantastic idea! Yeah I got that wrong… The thing stopping me is the RENT you pay in some of these malls. Upwards of 10k in Riverside when my old room mate was doing it 4 years ago. I’m sure it’s about that in popular malls.

      Canada is officially open for business and spreading like wildfire. Timing is everything and dammit it’s a good time to be a Canadian Seacret Agent! If I go I’m getting in the Mounty Uniform and giving facials on horseback! Yeeeah-gitty-up!

      • Wouldn’t compare? Both companies are in fact schemes.
        World Financial Group is in fact a Ponzi Scheme, as for Seacret being that of a Pyramid Scheme having their own identical comparisons that even have their own multi-billionaire hot-shot that B.S.’s everyone ‘THE SAME’ information that they’ve heard on the first orientation or simply fails to show-up at all. If you haven no allegations against to what I said, I suggest you should look at the pagesthat identifies schemes and look-up reviews & complaints on both Seacret & World Financial Group on the websites Rip-off Report & Pissed Consumer, before realizing that the work is legit. It’s all there.

        What company downright wants you to work for them but has you ‘pay to start,’ just because the product sells itself?

        – – –
        So, yeah. Started going to a few orrientations to possibly start working for a Company under some MLM big-time sales company called Seacret.
        Seacret imposes selling nothing but Skincare products that are totally expensive to anyone who wishes to buy products from them. Basically getting their #1 source which is water found from the Dead Sea, but before I jump to conclusions, every complaint also directs to Return Policies.

        I was being told that there are no kiosks around anymore these days, but there’s still one in San Diego and Canada who are seemingly ripping people off.


        World Financial Group:


        So like I’ve told my recruiter who I blocked off of Facebook. “Who owns the Kiosks?”

        This confirms they’re still around:

        He goes, “The only retail locations were in the Kiosks and we stopped being in kiosks about two years ago. They sold well in the kiosks, but moved to direct sales to spread the wealth to more individuals. So there are no more retail locations.

        The messages at the top are talking about products on Amaon.

        People who list those products on Amazon are actually having lawsuits filed against them. So people aren’t supposed to put them on Amazon.”

        Then I shoot this link to him:

        This says it was dated back in Jun 09 2013 10:59 AM
        >> I say: “So who owns the Kiosks!?”
        >> He goes: “Pretty much, one is Kiosks, one is Direct sales.”

        So he was telling me that these Amazon complaints are likely because it’s the Agent’s fault, yet they’re specific saying that the products are “cheaper” elsewhere.

        So I ask: “So, if there’s no kiosks, yet the complainted listed kiosks, then who owns the kiosks?”

        My recruiter goes: “I think there is one in San Diego since I saw two from there and maybe one in Canada. The ones in the kiosk is called Seacret Spa.”

        I go: “Is that the same company? Seems like it’s using the name Seacret?”

        He goes: “Seacret spa is Seacret Directs parent company. We came from the kiosks, Seacret direct is the company that does direct sales now.”


        I blocked him for wasting my time. So, who owns the Kiosks? Can’t be a parent company if they’re embroiled under the name of Seacret, already.

        • The work isn’t legal.

          Feel free to perform research on what a ‘Pyramid Scheme’ & a Ponzi Scheme’ are. You’re not earning a profit off of the products. You’re earning your profit off of the people you DO recruit.

        • Ok, ok-deep breath lady! I don’t know what you experienced but it sounds traumatic. I hope you recover from whatever it was… Lets start with your “Pyramid Scheme” accusations. Here is wikipedia’s definition:

          “A pyramid scheme is an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.[1][2]”

          I use product from Seacret and it has done wonders for my skin. It is cheaper than ALL of the top skincare products AND they get REAL results. Can’t deny it lady-I have testimonials and before and after shots. REAL PRODUCT, REAL SERVICE REAL RESULTS.

          To top it off, you don’t make money on the monthly replenishment of product from other agents you recruit. You DO get bonuses for reaching a certain number of recruits and you make a percentage of what they sell-but that is incentive to HELP THEM SELL. I like that aspect of the company. In a corporation where you have executives, managers, clerks and then janitors, do the executives help anyone do their job? Do the janitors have a way of making the same as the executives. Does the structure resemble that of a “pyramid” because it seems like it-only the people at the top are the ones making money.

          Here is an excerpt from yelp:

          “WFG Is the 4th largest financial firm in the US.. as told by Forbes magazine.. Why on earth would they consider a pyramid scheme as a financial firm? Makes no sense. Saw the corporate overview..felt sketchy about it. Went home..went on rip off report. Freaked out. 1 Year later I’ve learned… ITS NOT A PYRAMID. It’s NOT A JOB. It’s a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.
          I think the reason people feel its a scam cause a lot of associates lure people into the corporate overviews with the promise of a job, when its the farthest thing from. It’s your own business within a business.”

          Another says “WFG is not a pyramid or ponzi scheme because the Federal Trade Commission would have shut it down. What it IS is multi-level marketing”

          You seem to hold a lot of resent towards NETWORK MARKETING in general. Have you watched videos or read Robert Kiosaki‘s work?

          This is the evolution of business and marketing on a global scale. Get used to it.

 is a site that is written by pissed of consumers and some of those comments are LAUGHABLE. Someone is always mad at something-it’s inevitable.

          As for the Kiosks…

          Why is everyone so bent out of shape about the Kiosks?! Selling from those things are a nightmare! They still exist it’s true-but they are not owned by the company. They are owned by individuals. I could start one up right now if I wanted to-but I won’t because I like PART TIME jobs that pay FULL TIME INCOME! That’s just me though. There’s enough money in this world for the Kiosks and Seacret Agents to exist, so I’m not worried.

          The prices will be different because there are people who have become AGENTS that have created their OWN BUSINESS. That is what Seacret offers. A business opportunity. I have to pay $250,000 to start a Burger King but I can pay $500 and be fully equipped to run my own business with Seacret. That’s a great start up cost if you ask me.

          Seacret’s products are fully refundable minus a re-stocking fee. I hate those damn fees but I don’t think it qualifies the company as a ponzi scam, pyramid scheme or a group of Rip Off Artists. I love this company for what it has done for my skin, my friends and family’s skin and the income I get for barely doing anything. Seacret is what you make it, which to me is a beautiful thing when you do it right.

  8. They undersell off of their agents on amazon.. they sell their expensive products at the same price the agent is supposed to pay… (they expect agent to sell foot cream at $49 but they sell it on amazon for $15) Dont waste your time trying to sell it and explaining stuff to “customers” when they will just get it online for waayy cheaper.

    • That was the first thing I said about Herbalife. They had a poilicy in place and would actually remove people selling on ebay or amazon. I don’t think Seacret is doing that but I know that the people with a lot of Preferred Customers are getting rid of their products because Seacret matching the ales you do in PC’s with credit for product. I agree it’s not right because the prices are lower than what we get as agents but although you could make a lot of money with a lot of product, Amazon is not your business-it’s direct marketing. This is the business model that is proven to work. At the end of the day you will pay a couple bucks extra to buy from a person you know. WARNING: I have been told that there are many products bought on Amazon that have EXPIRED! Stick with the blueprint. It works. If you try to find faults-you’ll find a bunch. If you focus on making money-you’ll make a bunch!

  9. Hi there. I am a brand new Seacret Agent. A trusted MLMer friend brought me in and has been doing so much better with this than our last venture. I went to my 1st training last Wednesday-night. I came home all excited. I posted on my FB page that I had found the “Holy Grail” of MLMs; a product so good, it sells itself. And then came the nay-sayers. I should have done my research 1st, but late is better than never. I really appreciate this site and that you leave up negative posts. I’d rather be prepared for what I’m going to run into. Based on the above complaints (I’m ignoring the non-specific rants), I did find many of Seacrets products on Amazon. And yes, most were less than agent price. I also noticed many that are not in the current line being sold by agents. I looked at the sellers. All different, even the “PRIME” ones. I looked at the reviews of customers. I came across several which said they had used the same product before and it had been great, but the last one was old/expired. Thanks for providing me with a balanced perspective which I could easily research. I believe I can still work with these issues in place.

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