The Story of Seacret by Izhak Ben Shabat

The Story of Seacret by Izhak Ben Shabat

I have heard this story in person and looked this man in the eye, face to face and have no doubt about his sincerity. He is worth an exorbitant amount of money and is more humble than most of us in regular day life. He is a truly exceptional human being who continues adding value to millions of lives daily through a corporation that embodies family VALUES, a moral conscience and philosophies that breed integrity and well being. Before I go on a tangent about what this company has done for me personally, please listen to Isaac’s story and you will understand what that intangible element is that sets him apart from the rest. He has a light that shines from within that is undeniably warm and of pure intention. His legacy of philanthropy and social contributions will live long after he’s gone as proof of one of many incredible achievements in his lifetime.


  1. Regina Chahal says:

    Awesome …meet him in Orlando Seacret Convention….He is a great guy!

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